Then you had the people who used the UPC code to buy products other than the ones listed on the coupon (this was the issue with Extreme Couponing ). .
How many of you guys used a coupon with both codes and the cashier covered up the database and just scanned the UPC code? .Here are a few rules to help you stay on the right path in couponing: -Always follow the words on the coupon. .Let us know your experiences with the new databar barcodes! .It does get passed on to you in the end.BE nice and continue to use all of the tips to surviving the store clerks and cashiers.You may want to take a copy of the official explanation of the GS1 Databar with you when you do your shopping.You have likely been seeing the databars for a while now next to the old UPC-based code on your coupons. .Does the coupon exclude trial or travel size? . Chances are that you are more informed than they are about the new system so as you explain it to them just be a nice person.Youll also notice many of these have rewards offered for catching the original person that created the coupon!
They would use the numbers on the coupons to find other products by that same manufacturer and use a high-dollar Crest White-Strips coupon to get free Tide or Pampers. .
Expect problems at stores that have not updated.
So, the manufacturers were aware of this issue and wanted to do something to fix.
Most stores DO NOT allow any.
These all fall into the too good to be true category. .
You can find out for which products your coupon is coded to work.There are lots of coupons out on the internet that arent good coupons. .You can actually learn a lot about couponing from just reading your coupons! .For example, if dd50, the coupon is for 50 cents off.If they do it is not often through.pdf coupon.It has your user id, the date and time and coupon offer information printed repeating at least 35 times around the coupon. .Yeah, NOT good in fact its more than not good its coupon fraud.For those of you who might not be familiar with double or triple coupons, heres an explanation.Most of these have been scanned from a coupon that someone received from a manufacturer directly. .