purchases (or part.
Asos A-list participation.Our Loyalty Scheme, our Loyalty Scheme is all about helping you get more out of your travels.Thank you for choosing to purchase one of our vouchers.Your order is worth 7 and you have a 10 asos A-list Voucher you can still use.This section will not be construed kortingscode da ritskes to limit or exclude any other claims or remedies that Eurostar may assert under this agreement or by law.Qualifying Purchases made in any currency other than Great British Pound (GBP) will be converted to GBP after making your purchase according to the asos conversion rates at that time, and you will accrue your Pending Voucher Points on the GBP amount.
Version: 4 December 2015.
It may only be redeemed in the.K, in person, at the following locations: - St Pancras International Ticket office - Ebbsfleet International Ticket office - Ashford International Ticket office or by phone through Eurostars Contact Centre.
We will not refund money to you in these circumstances).
You must comply with all relevant security, customs and immigration requirements, including the appropriate passport and visa requirements.
Where an asos A-list Voucher was used as part payment we may refund you partly in asos A-list Vouchers and partly by way of money (in the same amounts) of what you originally paid.
Level Points will be added on the 29th day after completing a purchase to allow for any returns during the Returns Period.
You will also find any earned asos A-list vouchers within the Voucher tab at checkout.Once the bookings have been confirmed, reservations may not be changed.You will begin to earn points once you have placed a Qualifying Purchase (see clause 10).You will be notified via your asos A-list dashboard 30 days before your voucher points are reset.Purchasing product for the purpose of reselling) of asos A-list is strictly prohibited and will be considered abuse.You accept the risk of any failures to your hardware and/or software as a result of using the service.The Terms supplement our website terms and conditions (Terms and Conditions) and our privacy and cookies policy (Privacy Cookies).

You are not able to merge your asos A-list account with someone elses and we reserve the right to refuse, close or merge additional asos accounts at any time but we will attempt to notify you before we.
When you make your second Qualifying Purchase, you will automatically be placed in Level 1, even if you dont have the required number of Level Points to enter.
The Promoter reserves the right to extend, terminate or suspend the Promotion at any time.