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TFK U401BR chips with yellow dot as well as yellow and blue dots exist also.
Haar overtuiging is dat een mooie vakantie of reis helemaal niet zo duur hoeft te zijn (en daar kunnen wij ons zeker in vinden)."Meßverfahren für Kompander" Measurement technologies for companders."The Story of high COM".Retrieved via Deutsches Hifi-Museum, Wiesbaden, Germany. ."Dynamik-Erweiterung durch neuartigen Studio-Kompander" Dynamic expansion through novel studio compander (in German).Noise reduction 30 dB(A) 3 15-20 dB(A) dB(A) 3??4 13 8 The two-band variant was eventually released exclusively as Nakamichi High-Com II Noise Reduction System later in 1979, increasing the amount of noise reduction on analogue recordings and transmissions by as much as 25 dB A-weighted."Dynamikerweiterung durch neuartigen Studio-Kompander" Dynamic expansion through novel studio compander.These revisions were also used on Telefunken's own High Com modules, which were available in various assembly variants (for example BS 5335 / AT or BS 5356 / AT ) and also used in many third-party products.Archived (PDF) from the original.
This sophisticated technique assumes maximum dynamic range with minimum "breathing" and other audible side effects.
The, high Com (also as, hIGH COM, both written with a thin space) noise reduction system was developed by, telefunken, Germany, in the 1970s as a high quality high compression analogue compander for audio recordings.
"Ein neues Kompandersystem Grundlagen und Einsatzmöglichkeiten" A new compander system - Basics and applications.
Between programs, there is utter silence.Yet another revision was planned to incorporate the changes to Telefunken's High Com system since about 1982 to no longer require external circuit modifications, but was apparently never released."High-Com im Rundfunk: Plädoyer für den Feldversuch"."Einfluß des Dolby-B-Verfahrens auf die Übertragungsqualität im UKW-Hörrundfunk" Influence of Dolby B system on the quality of transmission in FM radio broadcasting.Höppner, Dietrich; Schröder, Ernst.4 7 8 In order to facilitate cost-effective mass-production in consumer devices such as cassette decks, the compander system was integrated into an analogue IC, TFK U401B 4 7 9 nb 4 / U401BG 4 nb 4 / U401BR, nb 4 developed by Dietrich Höppner and."High-Com, Hobby-Com - Für Hifi-Freunde: Musikgenuss ohne Rauschen" High-Com, Hobby-Com - For Hi-Fi fans: Enjoying music without noise (PDF).Wermuth, Jürgen; kortingscode carclean nl Temmer, Stephan.Telefunken Firmenschrift (in German).4 Based on the High Com broadband compander, it was field trialed between 19, but was never introduced commercially in FM broadcasting."high COM - The high COM broadband compander utilizing the U401BR integrated circuit" (PDF).A postcode korte mare leiden b esprit promo code malaysia c Bruch, Walter (1983).So High Com was further developed into the two-band High Com II and three-band High Com III 2:1:2 systems by Werner Scholz and Ernst. .

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