Promise sth figurative (give cause to expect) prometer The grey sky promised snow.
Kayfabe Main article: Kayfabe The presentation of blokker voucher hotel professional wrestling as being entirely legitimate or real.In some territories, the phrase commonly was applied to masked wrestlers, such as Kane.Deathmatches are typically much bloodier and more violent than the typical wrestling contest.Often (but not always) a carpenter is an older, more experienced wrestler, tasked with making less experienced wrestlers (often in the beginning stages of receiving a push ) look like a credible threat going into their next program.Promise to do sth (commit to doing) prometer hacer algo, i promise to finish the work by the end of the week.A notable example is Randy Orton 's Punt Kick.Receipt A term for returning a particularly stiff move back to a wrestler.Often used as a derisory term for matches which are seen to prioritize high-impact stunts over ring psychology.
In addition to traditional print ads Sixt is known for creative advertising installations in airports.
(contrast with go-home show ) False comeback A brief offensive flurry by a face, before losing momentum back to a heel after being dominated for several minutes.
Also called a "blown spot" or sometimes "mis-selling".
The United States District Court for the Southern District of Iowa defined a booker in 1956 as ".
"Samoa Joe on Ross Report podcast tonight".
(Compare " Dusty finish " and " screwjob Clean wrestling Matches pitting two babyfaces with no storyline animosity against each other, both obeying the rules throughout.1 Color The amount of bloodshed in a match.11, management edit, erich Sixt 1997, regardless of their size and legal forms as partly exchange-traded corporations, all Sixt companies are economically controlled by the Sixt family.Green Refers to a wrestler who is in the early stages of their career and, as a result, may be prone to making mistakes because of their inexperience.United States District Court for the Southern District of Iowa.It korting fab tassen is often used to describe a genuine injury to a wrestler, as opposed to one scripted douglas fabulous prijsvraag as part of a storyline.1 (See Dusty finish and clean finish ) Finisher A wrestler's signature move that usually leads to the pinfall or submission.It is used to heighten the drama of a match by showing that the pinning wrestler "would have had him".The term is also used by industry insiders to describe a participant in the wrestling industry who believes that any worked aspect of the industry is more important than the money they can earn; for example, being preoccupied with holding a title belt rather than.

Le prometí a mi mamá que le compraría sellos de correo hoy.