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Sign up log in, posted by, thanks in advance 2 comments 100 code promo pull and bear 2018 Upvoted.
Log in or Sign up log in sign.I wasn't asking for a discount or anything free, just better treatment then I got.Do the same Saturday, Monday (closed Sunday).Trying to see if I should wait till then or just buy one now.Cookies help us deliver our Services.I understand that UPS needed a telephone number.
What are your thoughts?
So I call the customer support number that's in the email.
Also, this might be unpopular but i dont want to play a boots on the ground cod again so i prolly will stick with cod iw when wwii comes out.
At the end of May I placed my second order coupon code eastbay 20 off for a Scuf Impact PS4 controller.
Finally I call Today (Tuesday) and I get to talk to someone.
I decided to cancel.With a season pass?They say Sorry we couldn't ship.5 comments 76 Upvoted.No answer, I leave a message with my name, telephone number, and order number.June 7th I received a email stating they couldn't ship unless I gave them a phone number.If you have one and have played boots on the ground cods with it what is your oppinon?I don't understand the lack of concern or care the company has for me as a customer.Is the scuf worth the high price without 3d movement?Sign up log in, posted by, what do the Black Friday deals typically look like at scuf?However, with cod wwii confirmed boots on the ground i dont know if a scuf is worth it now.

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