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Fxml (relevant fragment) AggregatorTableView id"aggregators s #aggregators.table-cell -fx-alignment: center-right; -fx-background-color: red; AggregatorTableView.
With code below, the cells are painted red, but alignment is still left.
"-fx-text-alignment" doesn't work either.JavaFX TableView text alignment, but old solution doesn't work with JavaFX.I have the same problem.Org @Override public List DataItem receiveData return null; @Override public BooleanProperty isActive return isActive;).The solution mentioned by @UlukBiy (here: JavaFX TableView text alignment) works for my, and I am using.Text kortingscode " U center parcs zandvoort zwemmen prijzen koopt de lekkerste hoeslakens online via.#ShaniaNOW - Video clip from "Up!
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